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Say NO to Bases by MarioRoz Say NO to Bases by MarioRoz
Thanks a lot everyone for all your support

A trend in DA is to make drawing out of bases, pixel dolls that are bald and naked, so you can draw over them whatever you want.

In my personal opinion, people should not submit the characters created by this bases as their original art. They are not original, and they represent, in most cases, a very low artistic effort. It is almost like when you color screen caps (but this time you're allowed by the creator to do so ^^; )

And some people might say...
"But I cannot draw, what can I do??"
Some solutions might be:

1. Learn how to draw!!, DA is full of tutorials and stuff that can help you, like references. And even if you consider that your art is not good enough, you should not feel ashamed, everyone starts from something, no one was born an artist and no one is 100% talentless. To draw your own drawings gives you a lot more credit than using bases, something that anyone can do.

2. Hire some artist to draw your characters. DA is full of talented people that are willing to draw what you ask them, and some of them offer very reasonable prices. They will give you the quality art that you're looking for and you can help the artist by giving them some money. Even if you don't have money to give, there will even be artists that work in exchange of something else, like a subscription. Some of them even work for free if you're nice enough :)

3. If you're still insisting to use bases, then use them, but not as the "base" of your work, try to use it as reference or inspiration for your own art.

4. Use bases, but keep them for your own amusement, don't post them on DA and claim them to be "Original Art"

That's my personal opinion, if you share it, feel free to use this stamp :)

pencil stock: [link]

EDIT: I've added the stamp layout
EDIT 2: This stamp is about traced anime bases, not about the actual pixel art. Also this stamp was not meant to offend or point at someone in particular.
EDIT 3: I feel a bit tired of dealing with the comments of rabid teenage girls defending their beloved bases like if they were fighting cancer of something, so I will deactivate comments for some time. If you really like this stamp add it to your favorites and I will know.
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November 25, 2009
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